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The report was accepted by TEMPUS office and the project has been successfully finished. (July, 2008)

The complete report of the Project was submitted to TEMUS office in Brussels on 31 March, 2008.

 The official end of the Project is 31 January, 2008.


Events and Meetings

  • On 26 October, 2007 Professor C. Mitrovski organized dissemination meeting of the project results and outcomes at the FTS Bitola. The participants on the meeting shown big interest for the project and its results.

  • The fourth Consortium Board meeting and the last one was held in Krakow, Poland at the AGH University, Department for Metrology from 10 to 12 September, 2007. This meeting was organized by Professor Janusz Gajda.

  • The meeting started with overview of the results accomplished within the project. Considering that the project is prolonged by 31 January, 2008 there is enough time to finish all tasks. All participants in their discussions underline that they enjoyed participating in this project and they are looking forward to work together in the near future on some other project.

  • The third Consortium Board meeting was held in Ohrid, Macedonia from 24 to 26 June, 2007. Organizer of this meeting was Professor C. Mitrovski from FTS Bitola.

  • Professor Alessandro Fererro from Politechnico di Milano visited FTS Skopje from 23 to 25 April, 2007. Professor Fererro participate in the project as expert for monitoring and quality control.

  • The dissemination meeting of the project results and outcomes has been held at FEE Skopje on 30 March, 2007. The meeting was visited from participants from several faculties and professionals from industry.


  • The Consortium board first meeting was held from 3 rd to 6 th of April 3-6, 2006 in, Skopje.

    The participants were:

    Professors Lou van der Sluis, Marjan Popov and Gerard Meijer from TU Delft:
    prof. Janusz Gajda, from AGH University Krakow
    prof. Rumen Arnaudov, from TU Sofia .
    Prof. Cvetko Mitrevski from FTS Bitola
    and Professors: Vladimir Dimcev, Cvetan Gavrovski, Ljupco Arsov and assistant Mare Srbinovska from FEE Skopje

    The topics addressed on the meeting were:

    •  Overview of the TEMPUS projects: targets and rules;
    •  Activities in our project in the first six months;
    •  Future activities;
    •  Conclusions.

    The meeting started with short introduction about the main tasks and activities that will be undertaken within the Project given by coordinator ass. prof. Vladimir Dimcev. In the second part of his expose he talked about basic regulation of TEMPUS Curriculum Development projects. He also explained the kinds of expenses and the regulation that must be followed, in the discussion that followed the all participants took a part.

    The second day was devoted to ongoing and future activities. The detailed plan with time table was made for all activities. The conclusion that was supported by all participants is to ask for prolongation of the Project for five months due to late signing of the Project (22 nd November, 2004 and late transfer of funds, February, 2005).

    The second Consortium board meeting is scheduled for September, 2006 in TU Delft, The Netherlands .