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The report was accepted by TEMPUS office and the project has been successfully finished. (July, 2008)

The complete report of the Project was submitted to TEMUS office in Brussels on 31 March, 2008.

 The official end of the Project is 31 January, 2008.


Project Description

  • The project "Introducing two tier-studies in the field of metrology" is aimed to reform and up-date undergraduate courses in the field of metrology and electrical measurements at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) - Skopje and Faculty of Technical Sciences (FTS) - Bitola and to develop new one-year postgraduate study programme in the field of electrical measurements at FEE - Skopje. This project will help establishing the European standards in higher education at these faculties in accordance with Bologna directives towards creation of European Higher Education Area. Special efforts will be made on achieving the best possible outputs and a dissemination of good practice to other University programmes.

    Project objectives are:

    •  Modernization of undergraduate programme consists of two main tasks: up-dating of existing courses and introducing of new courses in content, structure and teaching materials. Also European Credit Transfer System will be implemented between two faculties FEE and FTS, and efforts will be made for implementation of ECTS between all participatng faculties in the project. Special attention will be given to the development of teaching methodologies, including the use of modern facilities and introduction of control mechanisms. The students' assessment will be introduced through carefuly prepared questionaries in order to provide relevant feedback.

    •  Development of one year postgraduate programme at FEE Skopje is very important task and this activity is completely inline with the recent changes made on the faculty with the new study programme, introducing 4 undergraduate years plus 1 postgraduate year leading towards title master of science. The postgraduate study is becoming the continuing educational process after the undergraduate level and is linked with Ph.D. level.

    •  Modernization of new teaching laboratories and metrology lab is another very important task foreseen with the project. The existing laboratories will be improved with new equipment and new laboratory exercises will be developed. Establishing modern laboratory exercises will improve the teaching process at undergraduate and postgraduate level and will enable students to work with modern up-to-date instrumentation. Developing of new laboratory exercises for virtual measurements and instrumentation (like LabView software, etc) is also special task of the project. Modernization of the laboratories is crucial for the subjects in the field of metrology and electrical measurements because this field is practicaly oriented and students should be trained in solving real technical problems.

    •  Development of vocational lifelong learning course for the professionals from the industry is an additional assignment foreseen with the project, as one of the essential elements for creation of the European Higher Education Area. The needs for these kind of courses are growing because of the rapid changes in industry and development of new technologies which are demanding engineers with updated knowledge.

    •  An important part of the project will be realisation of students' mobility scheme. The mobility will be taken towards the Departments from Consortia member faculties. The student mobility is integral part of the study courses in the framework of the Project for undergraduate students. Postgraduate students, as younger staff which will be involved in research process at the FEE, will have opportunity to become familiar with research and educational process in EU.

    •  The collaboration with the academics from the Consortia faculties will enable the academic staff from Partner Country to acknowledge the study programmes and rules at those faculties on both levels undergraduate and postgraduate. At the moment at the FEE Skopje Ph.D. study exist only as mentor's type. Activities concerning the development of postgraduate study will also be used as basis for disscussion with EU experts for future introducing of continuing Ph.D study, based on the implementation of modular courses and ECTS.