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The report was accepted by TEMPUS office and the project has been successfully finished. (July, 2008)

The complete report of the Project was submitted to TEMUS office in Brussels on 31 March, 2008.

 The official end of the Project is 31 January, 2008.



  • In January 2008, two postgraduate students from FEE – Skopje had opportunity to spend a month in AGH University, Krakow and worked on their master thesis.


    Mr. Z. Kokolanski didn’t stand up from his chair 

    Synchronization of wireless sensors

  • In July, 2007 6 students, 4 undergraduate and two postgraduate, visited AGH University – Krakow, Department for Metrology. Four students are from FEE – Skopje and two students from FTS - Bitola

    In front of the main building of AGH University


    They enjoyed Krakow


  • This summer June/July 5 students (3 undergraduate and 2 postgraduate) had chance to undertake one month visit to TU Delft and AGH Krakow.

    The undergraduate students from FEE Skopje Zhivko Kokolanski and Dancho Ilievski and postgraduate student from FTS Bitola Mile Petkovski visited Katedra Metrologii (Department for Metrology) at the Faculty for electrical engineering, automatics, informatics and electronics, AGH Krakow. They prepared 15 laboratory exercises which will be implemented at the FEE Skopje and FTS Bitola.

    Mr. D. Ilievski enjoyed field work.

    Mr. Z. Kokolanski prepared lab exercises.

    Mr. M. Petkovski worked at signal processing lab.

    Ms. Mare Srbinovska, postgraduated student at the FEE - Skopje and Mr. Dusko Kancev, student in the fourth year at the FEE - Skopje visited the Teschnische University in Delft from 3.07.2006 until 3.08.2006. Ms. Mare Srbinovska worked with the Prof Gerard Meijer group in the Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory.

    She worked in the field of capacitive and inductive sensors, accurate modeling of sensors and measurement of parameters of the sensors. Her task was to determine the changes of the capacitence of the sensor as the water level is growing up. The experiment was done for two cases, for tap and salty water, and in both cases were achieved similar results, the influence of the parasitic inductance on high frequencies should be taken into account in both cases.

    Mr.Dusko Kancev worked in the group with Prof.Marjan Popov at the power systems department. His exercise was to become acquanted with the vision program and also to work with the RTDS (Real Time Digital System).

    Ms. Srbinovska and Mr. Kancev enjoyed their visit at Amsterdam..

    Mr. Srbinovska in the clean room at DIMES – TU Delft.